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The General Automotive Hungary is a company dedicated for customized machine construction, maintenance and operation services mainly for the automotive Industry. Our colleagues with more than 10 years of experience mean the key for the proven solutions for your unique manufacturing and quality challenges.


We are committed to be the catalyst of the industrial revolution and looking forward to see our solutions supporting the development, with decreasing costs while improving the output. The rules of the manufacturing, and the market have completely been changed. Integration of new technical resources, life-long education of the employees, introduction of the dedicated solutions, and robotics are advancing the current status quo up to the next development level.

Do you have substantial internal potential for experienced candidates to solve your upcoming challenges? Introducing robotics, customized machines can replace well the easy, but repetitive processes in your manufacturing, saving up the workforce clear with the given area knowledge ready to make human decision after a well-established learning curve. In the recent years, the global economic climate has proven, that increasing the throughput with the existing assets is a good decision. The more effective production is a feasible, sustainable way to reserve just the necessary resources for the given result.


The company setup has been based on the highest flexibility with keeping the competitive advantage of the long time internal experience as a core of a creative technical team. The company welcomes all the ideas, and filters the most adaptable solutions for the given request. We believe in diverse ideas. The key for the success is the fact that the multi-disciplined validations on the suggestions help to identify the most relevant ones for a unique General Automotive proven solution.

The “Just-In-Size” way keeps the core team flexible for developing a flow chart and derive the complex procedure into separated building blocks for our partner network. Knowing the expertise of the extended team helps the core team to act as a conductor of the orchestra. Due to the repetitive solutions, the modules and macros developed during an earlier request will be expedited so that we could find the best way to answer for a manufacturing or an optimization challenge.