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Dedicated Machines


We can help with special housing and cabinets, low series industrial parts, robot applications and customized machines.


The housing of your valuable product must appear in line with your market positioning while it must be aligned by with the latest safety and industrial standards. Our engineers are combining the function and the design with the optimal material selection. From your very first idea to the successful start of your product we can be the part of the value generation process.


For machine improvements and modifications the new parts must be proven. Plenty of effort, working hours and material can be saved with designing the right consistency and form. In the virtual world there is no limit for the ideas until you need to manifest them with the machining solutions and the 3D printing cannot always reflect the features (e.g. toughness, etc.) of the finished parts.


The modern manufacturing has reached the maturity where well defined quality properties must be reached at every single product. Productivity and personalized outputs form the bottom line of industries from the pharma to the automotive industry every day. As the human attention erodates in every single second under the pressure of monotony, the brain should rather be used for decision making, line management or production planning.


The present manufacturing levels are exceeding all previous imaginations. Production demands are increasing every day. However the bulk production has been replaced by the tailored solutions. Car manufacturing is all about the customized interiors, colors, and features that predict the personalized production. In the life sciences industry introduces dedicated pharmaceuticals that have the desired effects on a certain treatment, but will not cause unneccesary side effects.