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Machine design became a virtual preliminary modelling process with running the realistic tests in the computer aided design platform. The CAD modelling environments are nowadays assuring virtual examinations right before the physical construction of a machine helping to eliminate the construction risks before even a bolt was screwed in. With solutions like the Field Simulation with Finite Element Methods, or the dynamical modelling are providing information for the right material consistency and draws the attention on the potentially problematic areas. With General Automotive proven experts and the technical background you can save the time and cost of a potential design-trap with stucking into a solution that is not yet optimal due to a realised physical structure that has been configured with the attached investment.

Quality first – do it right for the first time. The 30+ cumulated years of experience of our experts in machine design is assuring to provide the ultimate viable solutions in producing the parts or even the machine even in low series or a single dedicated machine. New machine design, revamp or improvement projects are including a potential risk. With the virtual design and Finite Elements Method our experts are at your service with all of the virtual tools to “physically” virtualized solutions for virtual functional tests.

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